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Sulcorebutia tarabucoensis Rausch var. tarabucoensis – Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 15 (5): 91–92, 1964
Alt. Name:
Weingartia tarabucoensis (Rausch) Brandt F.H. - Kakt.Orch.Rundsch. 4(5): 69, 1979
Weingartia tarabucina Brandt F.H. - Letzeb. Cacteefren 6(4): 57, 1985
Walter Rausch (WR66) Herbarium W. – Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 21 (3) : 45. 1970
Type Locality:
Bolivia, Dept. Chuquisaca, Prov. Yamparaez, mountains around Tarabuco
Very widely distributed on many hills in the vicinity of Tarabuco
3500 m
Collection No:
R66, R590, L382, L403, EH6241, EH6244, G57, G58, G104, G156, G157, G158, G202,G266, G267, RH368, RH379, RH757, RH758, RH766, US53, HS262, HS263, JK66, JK71, JK198, RMR0227, RMR0715, RMR1129, VZ47, VZ59, VZ60, VZ187, VZ259, VZ456, VZ675, KB376, KB378, KB38
Extra Info:
Sulcorebutia tarabucoensis is a species that is very widespread throughout the greater area of Tarabuco. Nobody can really tell where there is the borderline to other species like S. canigueralii or where S. tarabucoensis v. tarabucoensis ends and one of the other subspecies or varieties start. It is often a matter of personal opinion if one considers a certain population to belong to one of the sub-categories or to the type. There has also been many discussions if other species (S. rauschii, pasopayana) growing in the same area should be included in S. tarabucoensis. There are remarkably few elaborate publications about this species.
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