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Sulcorebutia pulchra (Cárdenas) Donald - Cact.Succ.J. (Los Angeles) 43 (1): 39. 1971
Alt. Name:
Rebutia pulchera Cárdenas - Cact.Succ.J.US 42(1): 38–39. 1970
Weingartia pulchra (Cárdenas) Brandt F.H. - Kakt.Orch.Rundsch. 3(5): 95. 1978
June 1969, E. Meneces Type in Herbarium Cardenasianum, No. 6310
Epitype: VZ642/2 (LPB + WU)
Type Locality:
Bolivia, Dept.Chuquisaca, Prov. Zudañez,  between Rio Grande and Presto
Bolivia, east of the road Presto to Pasopaya, El Palmar
2400 m
Collection No:
MC6310, VZ642
Extra Info:
For many year Sulcorebutias found by Swoboda and others (HS78 etc.) have been called S. pulchra. This mistake was cleared when de Vries et al. discovered VZ642, a population of plants which exactly match the first-description for Reb. pulchra. Several other finds in the same area of  the natural reserve of El Palmar suggest, that the Cárdenas plants for S. pulchra, inflexiseta and caracarensis might have come more or less out of the same population. The description of the flowers of these 3 “species” is almost identical except for little differences in size.
Vries Johan de (2010): De standplaatsen van Sulcorebutia caracarensis en Sulcorebutia inflexiseta en mogelijk ook nog die van Sulcorebutia pulchra na nijna 40 jaar weer teruggevonden - Succulenta, 89 (2): 56-67

Vries, Johan de (2011): Die Fundorte von Sulcorebutia caracarensis (Card.)Donald, Sulcorebutia inflexiseta (Card.)Donald und wahrscheinlich auch von Sulcorebutia pulchra (Card.) Donald nach 40 Jahren wiedergefunden - Echinopseen, 8 (1): 1-17

Vries, Johan de (2012): Carification of the correct application of the names Sulcorebutia caracarensis (Cárdenas) Donald ans S. inflexiseta (Cárdenas) Donald and a re-evaluation od S. puchra (Cárdenas) Donald - Cactusworld (Brit.Cact.Succ.Soc.), 30 (1)
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