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Sulcorebutia tiraquensis (Cárdenas) Ritter var. tiraquensis - Nat.Cact.Succ.J.(GB) 16 (4): 81. 1961
Alt. Name:
Rebutia tiraquensis Cárdenas - Cactus(Fr.) 12 (57): 257–259. 1957
Weingartia tiraquensis (Cárdenas) Brandt. F.H. - Kakt.Orch.Rundsch. 2(5): 69. 1977
Rebutia steinbachii ssp. tiraquensis (Cárdenas) Hunt - Cact.Cons.Init. No 3: 6. 1997
Sulcorebutia tiraquensis var. bicolorispina Knize ex Pibeam nom invalid - Sulcorebutia and Weingartia 85. 1985
Sulcorebutia tiraquensis var. electracantha Backbg nom. invalid - Descr.Cact.Nov. III: 14. 1963
Weingartia aglaia Brandt F.H. – Cactus (Wijnegem) 10 (3): 54–56. 1978
February 1951, M. Cárdenas (MC) 5493, HT : Herb. Cardenasianum, Co-T : NMNH (both unknown)
Type Locality:
Bolivia, Dept. Cochabamba, Prov. Carrasco, km107, road Cochabamba – Sta. Cruz
Huge distribution area alongside the road Cochabamba - St. Cruz from about km 95, via Monte Puncu, Epizana, Copachuncho and Pojo
3200 m
Collection No:
MC5493, R187, G15, G77, G79, G80, G81, G82 (Km107), G116, G117, G225-G227, G241, G242, G302, G362, HS19, JK18, JK22, HS31, VZ15, VZ136, VZ139, VZ141, VZ633, RH1140, RH3248, KB342, KB519, KB521, VS376, LH722, LH728, LH729, RMR0210, RH0211, PL20.111, PL20.1
Extra Info:
Sulcorebutia tiraquensis is one of the largest and most variable species within the genus Sulcorebutia. Even in the variety tiraquensis there are so many different forms that even spezialists sometimes get frustrated. The type-variety is located beside the road Chochabamba – Sta. Cruz at the northern edge of the highland area where the humid air from the lowlands is the basis of lush plant growth. Sulcorebutia tiraquensis benefits from this climate and even abstains from a taproot.
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