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Sulcorebutia vasqueziana var. losenickyana (Rausch) Sida - Atlas Kakt. 19: t. 39. 2004
Alt. Name:
Sulcorebutia losenickyana Rausch - Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 25(3): 49–50. 1974
Weingartia losenickyana (Rausch) Brandt F.H. - Frankf. Kakteenfreund 5 (2): 18. 1978
Sulcorebutia verticillacantha var. losenickyana (Rausch) Oeser – Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 35 (10): 223. 1984
Weingartia vasqueziana var. losenickyana (Rausch) Hentzschel & Augustin - Gymnocalycium 21 (2): 782. 2008
Weingartia ritteri Brandt F.H. - Kakt.Orch.Rundsch. 3(3): 75–77, 1978
Sulcorebutia ritteri (Brandt F.H.) Ritter - Kakt. Südamerika 2: 645, 1980
Sulcorerbutia christiei Halda et al. - Acta Mus. Richnov, Sect.natur., 10 (2): 152-153
Walter Rausch (WR) 477, HT : Herbario W
Type Locality:
Bolivia, Dept. Chuquisaca, Prov. Oropeza, near the road Sucre to Ravelo
Bolivia, Prov. Oropeza, many different forms almost anywhere between Sucre, Ravelo and further near the road to Ocuri, up to 4000 m
3250 m
Collection No:
R477, R64, FR946a, HS1-12, G25, G25a, G26, G145, G147, G148, G149, G151, G200, G201, G356-G358, RH738, RH1733, RH1736, RH1737, KB320, VZ77, VZ78, VZ80, VZ90, VZ93, VZ224, VZ225, RMR0423, JK201, JK204, HJ800, HJ801, MS1431, MS1432, VS448, VS454 and many mo
Extra Info:
S. vasqueziana v. losenickyana is widely distributed on the hills between Sucre, Ravelo and Ocuri. As wide as the distribution of these plants as variable is the appearance of S. vasqueziana v. losenickyana. Rausch once talked of the “dungheap” (der Misthaufen) of Sucre, meaning that there is an unbelievable mixture of plants, completely impossible to distinguish. In many places also forms like S. vasqueziana v. alba and v. chatajillensis are present and vice versa which raises the question, if these taxa make sense. Rausch actually selected only a couple of plants for his description ignoring all the others.
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