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International Cactus + Succulent Lexicon.
Digital photography and the internet make it possible to accumulate the knowledge of people in different countries and produce an international lexicon for cacti and succulents. This lexicon should not be a bible with everlasting truth but open for doubts, different opinions and changes. Many experts should contribute their knowledge and will be named in the lexicon. The lexicon will be in English but by means of a national page with explanations and translations it will be useful for people who do not speak English. The aim is to identify plants no matter what kind of a name one starts with.
This lexicon shall not be my personal property. At the moment I pay all the costs but it is intended that it becomes a public property though I do not know yet how to organize that.
I am fascinated by the possibilities modern technology offers to produce a lexicon on the internet in a form impossible in print. It is a huge task but possible, of course not alone. Not all is perfect yet but a lot has been done in short time and there is more to come. With all my power and a lot of enthusiasm I will push it forward. Already I found several experts willing to contribute but more experts are required and I ask for more help. At the beginning I will try to put as many names and pictures into the lexicon as possible. Contrary to a printed version it needs not to be finished from the beginning and additions, improvements and changes of pictures are possible at any time. People willing to join are cordially welcome and will get detailed information how to help.
The web address is:
On the home page you can click on "Start" for the English version or on some of the flags for the national page.